Friday, December 01, 2017

“I look like I’m two years old!”

I think I finally found a way to make people stop thinking she’s sixteen!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Eye see you

Liza is taking a class in fashion illustration at Bay Arts, and today they got to work in charcoal and chalk pastels. I feel like she held her own with the high school students:

(Especially since this is the first time she’s ever worked in charcoal. Guess I might have to borrow some from Mom’s supplies so Liza can play with the medium at home.)

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


I try not to share too many craft projects on here, but look how pretty this is turning out! 
(The yarn is solid purple; the pattern is from my quilt showing through between stitches)

Assuming I don’t run out of yarn before I’m done, this will be my first sweater made primarily out of handspun, the finest yarn I have ever made. I am inordinately proud of myself.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Only in my life ...

... is this considered a "day off":
  • Pack lunch and prepare breakfast for kid
  • Handle some paperwork online
  • Buy some Christmas gifts on mom’s behalf, online and in store
  • Buy some Christmas gifts on my behalf
  • Start winterizing the yard, including trimming trees, weeding and dead plant removal, bringing the last of the plant supports into the garage, refilling bird feeders
  • Mow grass and blow clippings off sidewalk
  • Handle mom’s paperwork, including sorting mail, paying bills, depositing checks, and buying postage
  • Text chat with friend whose life is as complicated as mine (actually, hers wins, at least this week)
  • Mail packages to help deal with the last of my grandmother’s estate from 2011
  • Mail packages for Jason 
  • Buy packaging materials for teacher gifts
  • Recycle stupid mercury-containing CFL bulb
  • Buy Christmas decorations for her room
  • Buy Christmas decorating supplies for my house
  • Buy birdseed
  • Reschedule medical appointments, employing the technique of, " Do you have anything sooner at another location? I’m not sure she’ll live long enough to make the suggested appointment date."
  • Pick the kid up from school
  • Buy cat food for mom’s cat (from the vet)
  • Deal with her hysterical/delusional phone call
  • Cook dinner
  • Convince kid to do homework and practice for her music lesson and clean up trash and art supplies from her Family Bush project and put the thing in the car so she doesn’t forget it tomorrow
  • Deal with phone call from facility nurse with lab results and tests that are upcoming
  • Research online: advanced bed sore treatment, pneumonia symptoms, palliative care options
  • Work on commissioned Christmas present for a friend of the family
  • Text friend about her experience with palliative and hospice care for her parent
  • Figure out how to be in two places at once with the kid while Jason is out of town (answer: lower standards about timely arrivals and departures)
  • Keep up my 276-day streak in Duolingo app
  • Write my daily blog post

Monday, November 27, 2017

The family bush

Some of my favorite branches on Liza’s family history, which is so wide she decided it’s a bush not a tree.


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Well, crap

     While I’ve been visiting at the nursing facility, I’ve been crocheting fuzzy lap blankets out of insanely thick yarn. Pencil-thick yarn plus a hook the size of my thumb means I’m making stitches that are more than an inch square, so a 3’x5’ blanket only takes half a day of work. The finished projects are going to go to Liza’s teachers as holiday gifts, and she’s been helping pick out colors for each teacher. We’ve run through the list of her instructors multiple times, and yet ...
     "This is the last one! I can finally retire the giant hook!"
     "Wait, what color did we pick for the art teacher?"
     "Son of a ..." 
     (Gretchen shuffles off to Joann’s for more yarn)