Monday, December 11, 2006

Phrases you don't really want to hear ...

"Hold still while daddy cleans the cat litter out of your hoo-hoo."

Why, oh why, is it inevitable that my daughter discovers the joys of flinging cat litter everywhere at 8:15 at night, when she is freshly washed and ready for bed, and her hair is wet so the litter sticks to it and turns into little mud balls in her hair? I had to sweep up several cups of litter while Jason tried to get her clean, which ended up requiring a high-powered shower setting and a lot of scrubbing. And how on earth did she manage to get that much litter in her diaper?


Anonymous said...

I guess it is okay as long as she does not develop a liking to the taste of kitty litter?


Anonymous said...

You've been telling us for months that Liza's middle name is "Determined":) This just proves you were right!