Saturday, October 03, 2009

This is where the title will go, if I ever think of one.

Today we visited Epcot, which I wasn't sure would be that much fun for the kiddo, but we found plenty for her to do. One of the best parts of the day was seeing her playing on the same activities I remember from my visits to Epcot as a kid ... they've been redesigned to look more current, but the idea's the same.

The other best part of the day - when she passed out in the stroller and we let her sleep for an hour while I put my feet up and crocheted in a nice air conditioned exhibition hall.

It was in the low 90s today, and Epcot is virtually devoid of shade in some areas, so we all needed the break by this point in the day. Jason would have enjoyed that little interlude a bit more if his paperback hadn't been buried at the bottom of the backpack Liza was using as a pillow. Oh, well - at least he had time to try riding a Segway (and find the place to get free samples of sodas from all over the world).

Oh, and this will probably not make sense to anyone but me and Jason, but here goes nothing:
At dinner tonight Liza was making up really dumb jokes about what one corn chip said to the other corn chip. She kept asking if they were funny, and we said no, and she said that we should have a contest between me and Jason to come up with the funniest joke. I went first, with the ever-witty, "What did the jet chip (don't ask) say to the curly chip that wasn't behaving? Straighten up and fly right!" Jason followed, and in a brilliant maneuver he tailored his joke to his judge. "What did the jet chip say to the curly chip that was standing in the way? Move out of the way, I have to go to the bathroom!" Liza, who has been telling bathroom jokes for two days straight, thought this was the funniest thing she had ever heard, and Jason won the contest. Next time, i think I'm just going to say "poop" a bunch of times instead of telling a joke. It would get a better laugh from the judge, I think.


Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the fellow who made a million dollars with a box of cheerios?

He sold them as doughnut seeds!

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