Thursday, January 28, 2010

Now I'm pimping out my dad, too

My very handsome and talented father has been carving for decades - actually, we can actually measure it in fractions of a century at this point - so it was no problem at all for him to whip up some shawl pins for me when I started whipping up shawls. They were so beautiful and functional that I encouraged him to make some extras to sell. And the owner of River Colors Studio in Lakewood agreed that they're awesome, so now you can buy them there!

Stop in and grab one before they're gone, because you never know when Lazy Dad will get sick of making these and then they'll be gone for good.

1 comment:

mlf said...

These are beautiful.

Before I get one for my wife, could you tell me how a shawl pin works? Does one pierce the shawl with it or do you slide the shawl around the stick (like a backpack strap)? Does a shawl pin work with all sizes/fabrics or are shawl pins sized for the material? Does one tend to wear it centered, off centered, with scarfs?

Yeah, I know that I sound like a doofus dude, but I fear that my wife is even more like a dude when it comes to fashion sense. There are lots of web links to shawl pins, but not show how they are used.