Sunday, January 23, 2011


1.  I let my kid go out in public looking like this:
2. I took 200 pictures at a kid's birthday party, and this was the least blurry one of them all:

3. My daughter has a great future ahead of her as a hairdresser.

4. Saturday nights at my house are a total party!

5. Prisms are just for making rainbows.

6. She hates waterslides.

7. I will never allow myself to appear in a swimsuit on this blog.

8. Fifty-four days from now, Jason and I will be sitting right here while some Jamaican nanny is in charge of our kid:

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9. My cat has no interest in wiping the smug expression off of this guy's face:

10. Sometimes I suck at keeping the blog updated.


Anonymous said...

#3 Or she has the potential to be a crazy cat lady

Nancy said...

We just arrived in Jamaica yesterday! Where will you stay? Extra bonus for going somewhere with a nanny!! :-) ENjoy!