Monday, February 28, 2011

I am so very, very tired


  • Yesterday I finished the first round of taping and mudding on the drywall above my new bathtub ... at 10:15pm.

  • And then I sat up for a while trying to make sure the sump pump was working.
  • And then when I tried to go to sleep, The Storm of Massive Rain and Eternal Lightning-ness started up, making it impossible to get to sleep
  • So I checked on the sump pump - still working.
  • And then when I tried to go to sleep, I listened to the worsening storm and worried about the sump pump.
  • So I checked on the sump pump - still working.
  • The last time I checked the clock, it was 3:30am.
  • At 6am Jason got up, went downstairs, came back upstairs, and announced that our whole basement was several inches underwater.
  • So then Jason, Liza and I carted everything from the basement upstairs, sorting it into "dry," "wet," and "why the hell did we have that anyway?" piles in different rooms in the house.

  • I also wet vacuumed all the puddles up out of the basement.
  • Then I took Liza to school, only an hour late.
  • Then I went to Home Depot, where I joined half of the residents of Cuyahoga County in the aisles for mops, shelving units, wet vacs, and garbage bags.  I wish Home Depot also sold alcohol.
  • Then I did the second round of mudding on the bathroom walls.

  • Then I carried the "why the hell did we have that anyway?" pile out to the garbage.
  • Then I started mopping the floor in the basement, first with Clorox, then with water.  Now instead of mildew, it smells like bleach and mildew and wet cat hair.
  • Then I started moving things back into the basement, sorting out a bunch of stuff for Goodwill and the consignment store.  Goodwill candidates = anything I don't feel like we use enough to justify carrying it back downstairs and placing in an elevated storage spot.  That's a lot of stuff, at this point.
  • Then I dug a path through the debris in my office to the computer, where I started typing this post.
  • And now I'm going to go find some Tylenol and play Angry Birds until I stop wanting to cry or throw something through a wall.  Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue ...
So, how's your day been going?


VPFreia said...

Oh my, this sucks!!! But look at the bright side: you will have a clean and emptier basement, room to collect more stuff!!! And ... your new shower/tub looks lovely!!! I am painting windows, doors, walls and ceiling, didn't know my neck/shoulders could hurt that much! Am getting old....

Michael said...

Oy vey! I feel weighted from the reading.

I was kvetching from having to climb into my trees to chainsaw threatening limbs. I would much rather have a pile of firewood than a pile of "why did we have this stuff".

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Anonymous said...

Been there, done that, more than once unfortunately.