Thursday, July 28, 2011

The photographer doesn't fall far from the tree

I let Liza use my camera during our last trip to the zoo.  Don't tell Jason, but I was kind of hoping she'd drop it so I can get a DSLR to play with ... no luck there, but we have proved that she's able to take decent pictures now that she's paying attention to what's in the viewfinder.
"Okay, now you go over there, Mom, and you'll have to crouch down because you're too tall and I don't want to cut anything off."  (You hear that, Grandma?)

"Smile!  No, I said 'Smile!' No, smile pretty!" 

"I'm taking your portrait, Penny!" 

"Okay, I'll take a picture of you while you take a picture of me.  Look, mom!  We're so meta!"  

"Those stupid meercats won't stand still for me, so I'll just take a picture of this."

Of course, they can't all be gems ...

1 comment:

Michael said...

Good pictures are easier to take when Liza has such a beautiful model posing for her.