Saturday, August 13, 2011

"DC" stands for "Da Capitol"

It was about 900,000F and sunny with a chance of thunderstorms - perfect day to go to Washington, DC with Liza for the first time!

It was nice of the President to hop in his helicopter to fly by and wave to us.

 Strangely enough, while the (air conditioned) museums were busy, the outside attractions weren't packed at all.

They check your camera and won't let you leave the park until you take this shot.

Look, Liza!  There's the Lincoln Memorial, and the reflecting ... er, mud pit.

Best landscaping choice ever: the Department of Agriculture beds are planted with edibles, including okra and purple kale.

Look, Mom!  It's a big version of the one they made on Mythbusters!

Not the best self-portrait ever (how could it be, when I'm not in a bathroom?), but not bad for taking it via the skin of SkyLab.

Orville and Wilbur kind of creeped her out.

"Mom, the planes aren't shiny enough." "That's because we're looking at military planes, and sparkly planes would get shot at."  "Now THIS is a proper plane."

"Look, honey!  That's where they make laws for our country that don't actually fix the problems we have!"

The Hope Diamond has a new (temporary) setting that's just stunning.

Personally, I preferred this heart-shaped cut ... check out the refracted light hearts on the display base.

Psychedelic salt structure.

Coolest. Crystal. Ever.

The METRO is hot, smelly, and not all that cheap ... but at least it looks all cool and futuristic and stuff.


Michael said...

Not to be a myth buster or anything, but if you only saw one helicopter then it was not the president. Marine One always flies in a formation with other identical helicopters as part of security.

(From the reference that we all use:

Also looks like a fabulous trip to DC!

Gretchen said...

Well, there were at least two of them flying by the day we saw it, so it's still a possibility. I'd like to hold onto my delusions a little longer.

VPFreia said...

Looks like you had a great day! So glad you came by to visit. I would have come with you, but I had a meeting in the afternoon. And - it in deed with 900.000 F oustside!!!