Friday, November 02, 2012

To do

1. Take antidepressants
2. Pick up cakes
3. Pick up barbecue
4. Pick up slide show DVD
5. Drop off cakes, barbecue at church kitchen
6. Bake dad's favorite cookies
7. Take forms to mom's bank
8. Pack up carvings to take to church tomorrow
9. Write checks for church, etc.
10. Preview DVD
11. Pack items we need to distribute after the memorial (Brad, John)
12. Buy waterproof mascara
13. Take load of stuff to goodwill
14. Stash books to donate in mom's car until Monday
15. Practice eulogy
16. Shave legs
17. Birthday card for Susan
18. Make sure we have enough thank you notes
19. Caffeine. Need more caffeine.
20. Pick up dining room table

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