Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I win at spring (again)

Our house faces south, and the layout of the entryway means that the ground near our front porch is always the first to warm up in the spring.  The previous owners either knew that or got really lucky, because they planted approximately 1.5 trillion crocus in that flower bed.

Because I am needlessly competitive about stupid stuff, every year when they first bloom I go for a walk in our neighborhood to make sure we won the Crocus Arms Race again.  We won again this year, but not by much.  The guy down the street with the yellow crocuses had about half as many blooming as we did ... guess that means I'm going to have to plant more bulbs this fall.

While I was out with the camera anyway, I checked to see how some of my other early risers are doing.  Hellebores?  Check.

Witch hazel?  Slightly out of focus, but checked anyway. 

Blueberries? Extremely happy in their new home ... which reminds me, I need to get out there and add some acid to their soil before the ground warms up too much.

Hyacinths, daffodils, allium, chives, rosemary, anemones ... all are either hanging on from last season, or have sprouts visible already.  The only thing we're missing for it to officially be spring-like is the appearance of the hosta buds, and the first sprouts on the peony out front.  Every time the snow melts I go move the leaves aside to see if they're up yet, then carefully replace them to help insulate the plant.  Plan on me throwing a big party with the peonies finally sprout - they're not only my favorite, but a pretty reliable predictor that spring is finally sprung.

Unlike the crocus, which have been rather boneheaded this year and have been blooming on and off since January, despite the chilling cold and snow and sleet and freezing rain.

But now it's warm enough that I can stop thinking "Dumbasses" at them every time I leave the house and see them shivering in the 15F cold.  Sure, it's at least two weeks before we normally see the first blooms, but you have my permission to go for it, guys - as long as you do it faster than the yellow crocuses down the street.

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