Monday, August 19, 2013

Building Barry: Day 111

Still no roof, but at least the replacement trusses have arrived.

We're supposed to have our walk-through with the electrician next Tuesday, so I hope we have an enclosed house by then. Except for the front door, of course, which the designer screwed up again by having us choose a replacement door (when our original choice was discontinued) from the wrong catalog (which is for a company they no longer use). So my house, which should have a door by now, is doorless until she can scan the catalog and get it to us, we can choose a style, she can find out how much it costs, we can sign off on the change, she can order it, and they can get it delivered and installed. Not real happy about this, to be honest. There had better be some pretty spectacular choices in the new book, or else we're going standard and I'll get something I like from Lowe's after we move in.

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