Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Building Barry: Day 141

So, round about Day 135 this happened:
Look, Plum shutters! Stone! Siding!

This morning, our living room looked like this:

And this evening, with the work crew still there after 7pm, and via Jason's awful cell phone camera, it looked like this:
I'll head over in the morning to get better pics, but Jason tells me that most of the ceilings and at least half of the walls are up. We're waiting anxiously for it to be done, because once the drywall is up, the builder gives us a "guaranteed" close date, which means we can notify the apartment complex of when we'll be moving out. Hallelujah!

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Only-Mama said...

Progress! It's actually at that point that if you became suddenly homeless you could squat in it and use the neighbor's bathroom and no one would know it wasn't really a fully-functioning house from the outside so no one would call protective services on you! And it's pretty.