Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yep, she's mine, all right

Okay, so we've kind of started following a homeschooling curriculum based around the history of the world, starting with how the earth formed and how animals evolved etc. etc. When I was over at the library yesterday I found a copy of the Bill Nye the Science Guy episode about evolution, which I figured fit in with the other stuff we're talking about this week. This afternoon we watched it ... twice ... while she danced around to the music and talked about how cool the paleontologist was and told me to be sure not to drink the moss milkshake experiment and otherwise told me how much she loved science.

Since good old Bill was regular viewing fodder for me and Jason in college (it was on at dinnertime, right before Star Trek), I have to agree. Science is cool. As is Bill, in his own dorky way. I think I need the t-shirt.

Looks like I've got a mess of videos to request from the library, since there's only one episode per disc.

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