Sunday, March 28, 2010

Busy weekend for my feet

Saturday, 14 miles total, part of which I did with Jason and Liza in the Metropark:
Today: 8-ish miles at the mall, partially with one of my sock club buddies, and partially with a new friend I met while walking (Hi, Linda!). I was so interested in talking that I did a few extra laps beyond what I was supposed to for today ... can I count that towards what I missed out on last weekend?

I've decided that the purple yoga pants that I've had since before I was pregnant with Liza - they have to go, or at least get joined by a few extra pairs of walking pants or shorts. Because having to wash them every other day isn't doing much for their longevity (and the pants aren't doing anything for my rear view, either).


mlf said...

Might also want one of those jogging strollers. We picked one up at the resale store for not much. It is much easier for walking with the kiddo rather than the red wagon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gretchen. It was nice talking with you in the mall. Made my walk go by very quickly. I look forward to more walking with you. Look me up on the share site and we can make a plan.