Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hopeful sign

Yesterday I walked 12 miles. That's about 3 hours of continuous walking, in case you were wondering. I finished with no new blisters, although there was a spot on my ankle that was a little irritated from where the lining of my sneaker had worn through.

Today I wasn't sore at all.

I was supposed to walk 12 miles today.

After about 4 miles it became obvious that the worn spot on my sneaker was going to eat all the way through to my ankle bone if I didn't take immediate action, and band-aids and moleskin weren't doing anything (yes, I had them with me).

So I cancelled the rest of the walk.

And I was disappointed that I had to do it.

And I'm kind of considering doing the whole thing tomorrow instead, even though it's supposed to be a rest day.

1 comment:

mlf said...

Good shoes are a good thing. Especially if you are walking multiple half marathons.

Have you considered taking a break between the half marathons to allow your muscles and skin to heal?