Thursday, October 28, 2010

10 signs it's fall in Cleveland

10. There's a pile of 10 coats by the front door, because you never know if tomorrow will be 70F or 40F.

9.  There's a pile of dead leaves inside our back door, because no matter how often I sweep, the suckers reappear like magic.  I swear, I'm going to nail that door shut if people don't stop tracking leaves into my dining room.

8.  Spider house party in the basement!  Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

7.  Brussels sprouts and Winesaps.  'Nuf said.

6.  On any given night you're liable to see one of our neighbors having a bonfire in his backyard that's at least 4' across and 15' high.  Leaves burn reeeeeeeeal good after a heinously dry summer.

5.  There's a metric shit-ton of political ads in our mailbox.  Seriously, they've killed entire forests for the sake of a bunch of snarky ads that make me hate all of the candidates, not just the ones being slammed in the ads.

4.  New exercise plan: weight training with the leaf blower, aerobics with the rake, and endurance while dragging the bags of leaves around to the side of the house, then up to the curb a few days later.  These, my friends, are the 26 bags of leaves I carried to the curb at dawn this morning.  That's just from this week.

3.  Did you notice that the trees in my backyard are still far from bare, even after the 26 bags of leaves this week, and more than a dozen bags a week ago?

2.  Wacky weather = cool sunset rainbows that appear to end in Liza's best friend's backyard.

1.  Vampire children!  EEEEEEEEEEK!  (or is that just at my house on days when I'm playing around on

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