Thursday, October 28, 2010

Repost of tweets from this afternoon - start at the bottom.

  1. Dang there are 2 colors of shirts I like. Buying 2 prs sweats only ok if I actually intend to sweat in them, right? Shoot.

  2. 1028101316a.jpg

    If I buy the t-shirt that coordinates with these sweatpants I can wear them in public, right? Cause its an outfit not sad SAHM sweats.
  3. Who made light chinos the go-to neutral? I look like the abominable snowman, while the navy and black look fine. Idiots.
  4. Must persevere. Yoga pants that predate my kid (which I wore all through pregnancy, too) have to go before Jason lays down an ultimatum.
  5. Took a wrong turn out of dressing room and ended up with sweatpants to try on. Hello, weird pantylines etched in my rear! Good to see you.
  6. Remember that brief shining moment in 2005 when I could wear a size 10? Sure, I had PPD and was losing hair like crazy, but damn, nice jeans
  7. Lee - I don't want pants that make me look slimmer instantly. I want pants that don't gap at the waist enough to smuggle melons in pants.
  8. Also, skinny jeans in solid color denim - such a bad idea, seeing myself in them makes me want to hurt someone. Or get a milkshake.
  9. Dear a.n.a. - your 'skinny leggings' have enough room in the waist for me to wear them while 9mos pregnant. Not a good thing, guys.
  10. Join me as I live tweet while trying to find a new pair of jeans. Prepare for the horror of .... JEGGINGS!

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mlf said...

Typically I have to go to other website to find pictures of girls in the dressing room.