Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This is probably a bad idea

Found a video that was so funny, I had to stop watching it after a minute just so I could catch my breath.  I haven't finished it, so the last 5 minutes of it could suck, and the commentary is seriously NSFW, but daaaaaang, the first bit is funny.

So here it is:

ETA: Oh, sweet baby jeebus, playing this is so much fun! The "Crunch!" when his head hits the track is classic, as is the fake Chariots of Fire theme music that plays if you actually get ANY forward motion going. You have to try it:

Also, some of my favorite comments from the forum where I found this:

So you KNOW I had to try it myself. I thought I was going to die laughing just at the impossible contortions I was making this guy do. Then he backflipped and his head actually made a thundering CRUNCH on the ground. Now I am dead from laughing.
ETA: I think I’ve got the moonwalk down pretty solid.
ETA: I got to 2.7 meters before he decided to fuck the ground furiously and then crack open his skull on his own knee.
ETA: I got to 10.8 meters! This guy is really good on his knees. (his trainer must be nellum’s mom.)
Somewhere between the starting line and the finish line is an actual fucking hurdle you have to manage to jump in order to win the race. Seriously, I’m not even sure how it’s physically possible, although I’ve never gotten that far. Most people just wind up pushing it to the finish line as the ground-hump their way along.

Knocked that hurdle down and humped my way over it.
Course, nobody warned me there’s a fucking jump at the end.
I am currently attempting to hump my way to victory. I take breaks sometimes. I do love how each time I sort of move him forward the inspirational music half starts to play. Go QWOP!
ETA I hit the part where you need to jump and I managed to hump the bar to the ground but it is stuck in the characters crotch. I may have to hump it the last 50m.
I think “Humping our way to victory” should become the official LSG motto. I know it’s going to show up in my vocabulary as soon as I can work it in, as a synonym for slogging on the face of ridiculously epic failure. Kind of like this last job I’m winding up.

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