Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anybody need a vacation home?

My Sainted Mother-In-Law has been hard at work for the past six months, rehabbing a house she and her sister inherited last year.  It's finally finished and on the market, so if you've got a few spare $$$ sitting around and would like a place on the Shore, check it out:


I mean come on, who wouldn't like a view like this out of your sunroom?


Kimberly said...

Why vacation? Couldn't we just live there forever?

Anonymous said...

Having been through both Onley and the surrounding little towns on the lower shore, I can vouch for their beauty. However, they are *small* towns in the middle of nowhere! With the beautiful Chesapeake Bay as a backdrop:)

Michael said...

I think that I will enjoy sitting and looking at the pictures. Beautiful setting.

(The commute from Texas is a bit long)