Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I love you, Jack

And I especially love that I started with one of you in 2007, had four of you in 2009, and have nine of you now:
I love you so much, I bought you two more friends to hang out with in your shady little swamp at the back of our yard.  And I crooned over them and told them how beautiful they were as I planted them, and I mulched around all of you lovingly, and I thought good thoughts and sang you songs and told you all how much I loved you.

Shhh, don't tell Jason that I'm spending more time with you guys than I am with him.  But that's only because it's spring and there's planting to be done and hardscaping to be installed:

And don't tell anyone that I may have found another favorite in these Shooting Stars, if only I can keep the little divas from wilting every. single. day.
When they describe the flowers as looking like badminton birdies, they aren't kidding, are they?  They aren't going to be as much of a source of joy to me all summer, though, as they die back in the summer ... that just gives me more time to admire your plump, juicy seeds, Jack!

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