Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A list

Fun and exciting things I was supposed to be doing tomorrow instead of taking my cat Bella to the vet to start treating her chronic renal failure:

  1. Calling contractors to get bids to waterproof my basement
  2. Installing another dozen bags of topsoil to improve the drainage away from our foundation
  3. Fighting with the postal service web site to print postage for some eBay sales
  4. Sweeping up cat litter and mopping up cat pee in our basement
  5. Scheduling a carpet cleaning for the whole house (which we've needed since, um, 2008)
Oh, fuck the list.  My favorite cat is sick.  I feel bad because I put off taking her to the vet so long that he described her as "a few days away from 'emaciated,'" (and even I admit that four and a half pounds is a bit of a scary weight for a whole cat) and I'm scared that the treatment for her condition either won't work or will be such a pain to keep up that we'll prove our selfishness and get rid of her because she's become massively inconvenient.  

Let's just look at pics of how awesome she is, and try not to think about how much subcutaneous hydration and phosphorus binders and special diets are going to cost. 

Look!  It's the World's Most Patient Cat!

She lets loud strangers stack things on her!

She wears baby headbands with dignity!

She can sleep anywhere!

But she prefers to do so on my chest if I'm anywhere near horizontal for more than 1.3 seconds!

Get better, Bella-chan.  We love you, and we don't want you to be such a Teeny Zucchini anymore.

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Anonymous said...

so very sorry about your beloved furry friend. went thru the same thing with my sweetest cat a few years ago -- he was always on the small side, but ended weighing less than 4 pounds at the end. i do so wish i had let him go far sooner than i did. miss him still!