Sunday, April 08, 2012

Yep, that's a good sign

- I have to measure the amount of butter in our meal in cups (and I'm not the one making dessert).

- The kid has been up since at least 6am, and our company doesn't get here until 1pm.

- And did I mention she's hopped up on allergy meds, which make her simultaneously hyper, sleepy, and surly?

- I haven't checked, but there's a good chance I don't actually own enough serving dishes for the volume and variety of food I'm serving. Skillets on the table - classy!

- And I already had to ask my guests to bring their own containers for leftovers because we're perilously short on plasticware as it is.

- Number of new recipes I'm trying out on my guests: two. Hopefully the infamous "melt an entire stick of butter to grease the pan" cornbread will make up for any less-than-stellar veggies or ham glaze.

- My awesome carrot shaped candles don't fit in my candleholder that well, which Jason solved by jamming a piece of paper towel in around the base of the candle to stop the wobble. I don't think it will catch on fire when the wax drips down to the paper, do you?

- I have wisely managed to plan my meal so that everything gets baked at the same temperature. I unwisely planned my menu so that everything gets baked - the giant ham, the bread, the veggies, everything. I'm doing a lot ahead, but there's still going to be a lot of last minute oven slight of hand to get everything on the table while it's still warm.

- One of the things I'm preparing ahead is the roasted cauliflower. I love this stuff, and it's entirely possible that there won't be enough left to serve at the meal after I finish snitching pieces every time I walk by the kitchen.

- I have promised myself that I won't cut the cornbread until the guests arrive, because if it's whole I can't snitch from it. And I would totally eat the whole thing, given the opportunity.

- It's starting to look like it's going to "chance of rain early in the day" on us at lunchtime. Good thing I haven't hidden any eggs outside yet.

- Seriously, someone needs to come take the cauliflower away from me. It can't be a good idea to eat an entire head of it right before guests are due, right?

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Michael said...

I love my roasted broccoli. Especially since Costco sells it pre-cut in 5lb bags. My kids love to make a dinner on broccoli. It's lazy for me and, well, it's broccoli so it can't be too bad for them.

I'll need to try cauliflower. I guess everything tastes good when tossed with salt, pepper, & olive oil and is then roasted.