Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Building Barry, Day 70: Groundbreaking!

Jason and I are now the proud owners of a Big Damn Hole:

Now, as long as it doesn't rain so much that the whole thing caves in on itself overnight, they should be ready to put forms in and start pouring concrete later this week.

The house next door to us is virtually the same floorplan as ours (different front elevation, and they chose not to add on some of the options we picked), and they broke ground a couple of weeks ago.  It's been fun watching their Big Damn Hole turn into Sort Of A House, especially as the Beard Brigade has been framing it during the past week.

When the workmen leave for the day, I have been known to go wander around their house, trying to picture where our furniture will fit in the various rooms that are the same as ours.  And I marvel at the puddles you get on your floors when the storms hit before the roof goes up ...

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