Tuesday, September 15, 2009

For Leah and Lindsey

We got to have our own experience with Pablo today at the natural history museum ... only there it was named Polly and was a lot less demonic than your version.

Yes, that's an opossum wandering around the museum with my daughter. Polly the Opossum was there as part of today's "meet the wildlife" experience, and the handler was pretty confident that she wasn't going to go all feral and make a break for it. Given that she's been raised by humans since she was still in her mother's pouch, I'd say that's a pretty safe bet. Still, she doesn't look exactly trustworthy, does she?

More like "batshit insane" than "trustworthy," but she was a total sweetie. We were able to pet her, see how she used her tail to help with climbing in trees (and down her handler's legs), check out her little hands, and even examine her pouch. Plus Liza got to get some photos that I plan to enlarge and randomly hide in Lindsey's room if she ever annoys me, so tell her she's on notice :)

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Leslie said...

That would be so cool!!!!