Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Berry cute

Sorry, couldn't resist the title.

She was still totally into picking raspberries, although this year a lot more ended up in her mouth, and she was much choosier about which ones she picked. The farm had a LOT more berries this year compared to when we went last year, and it was almost ridiculous how quickly we filled up our three quarts of berries. Half an hour, maybe? There were some parts of the row where I swear I think I could have held the basket under a branch and shaken the berries off without having to pick each one individually. If it hadn't been for the bumblebees, I totally would have tried that.


mlf said...

Not related to raspberry post, but I am currently working in Oman. The mountains are really pretty, but I will NEVER complain about the heat in Dallas again. It is September! and it is still crippling hot in Oman. We're in the middle of the desert but the humidity is overwhelming. At night, the heat does not abate and the humidity just becomes more oppresive. Oh, man it is hot in Oman.

They tell me November is wonderful.

Leslie said...

Too Cute!!

Anonymous said...

talk about quality control!
It's wonderful.
Mary Ellyn