Monday, September 21, 2009

So, how was your day?

I woke up with my side of the bed looking like an abattoir, on day 3 of The Sinus Headache That Laughs At Medicine While Bludgeoning Me Between The Eyes With A Cricket Bat, to a child that has done virtually nothing all day but drag her feet, whine, and defy me. The stains did not come out of my pajamas or my sheets. I have about 40 books checked out of the library, and she refuses to read anything by herself other than a Baby Max and Ruby board book.

We have no bread or juice or soda or chocolate or decent alcohol in the house, and I'm not about to drag Little Miss Positive with me over to the grocery store at rush hour.

I have 40 tiny rows left on my first ridiculously hard lace project, and The Child will not leave me alone for half an hour to finish them. I'm not sure why I'm in such a hurry to finish it, since it's a bad match between pattern and yarn and it's going to be 8' long after I block it, but I feel frustrated all the same.

And I have "Proud to be Aborigine" stuck in my head.

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mlf said...

Mine has been a good new/bad news day:

Good news: my wife got her job at the zoo. The zoo was sold by the city into private management. She got her same job at the same salary.

Bad news: I just got braces, as an adult. At the moment, even pasta hurts too much to chew.

Good news: 10 year old got a sea kayak for his birthday. Went kayaking this weekend and he handled the boat splendidly.

Bad news: I am now on my second hankerchief. My first one got saturated from nose drippings.

Good news: Just got a call from the vet saying the spaying of our puppy has gone well.