Thursday, November 12, 2009

Guess what I did today?

Opened a new etsy shop for my photographs, that's what. I'm still in the process of deciding how to present my work to stock the shop, which means it's empty right now, so there's not point to bothering to share the url right now.

Eventually I plan to offer images on notecards, plus prints that are mounted and ready to hang, among other things. It may take a while to get this set up - I'm aiming for a "soft open" in December, with it officially up and running and heavily promoted in January. I'm running a bit late for the holiday season for this year, which is a shame, but I really don't want to list things until I know they look good and are something I'm proud to sell.

In the meantime, if there are any of my images that you thing really should be in the shop, I'm happy to take requests. And if anybody is willing to be a guinea pig and wants to place an early order, give me a yell. You can contact me at lazymamadesigns (stick an a.t. sign here) yahoo (stick a d.o.t. here) com.

I'll let everyone know when the actual shop is up and running. Should be fun!

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mlf said...

In their retirement, my parents sell photographs through the craft show circuit. They have a website showing their pictures, They find that almost all of their picture are sold through the shows but that the web is important for having "street cred". This is also an example of a poorly designed website.

In her retirement, my aunt-in-law sells pictures through the gallery market. Both of my relatives are making real money with their pictures, but it took them a while to find their proper nitch.

A couple of thoughts on this next adventure
- Consider a mat cutter. Good mats make pictures pop and DIY is much less expensive.
- Consider nice photo software. If the Photoshop is as far out of your price range as it is mine, then consider GIMP. GIMP is free and is nearly as powerful.
- Consider asking to hang your photos in the local coffee shop, yoga studio, Italian restaurant, et cetera. This is how both of my relatives started getting things sold.
- Consider venues for getting critical feedback on the photos. My parents have found their local photography club to be invaluable.
- Consider how to find syngergy between your textile skills and your photography skills. Textile matting?