Sunday, November 15, 2009

Say what?

I may have the only child on the planet who, when expecting and dreading a vaccination, freaks out at the idea of getting the inhaled version instead. The nurse at the county board of health H1N1 clinic that was in town today had no idea how to handle that one. How did I handle it?

"Look, I can't be the line leader today, I'm not in the high-risk group. Oooh, a lady with a bag of lollipops! I'll let you eat one even though it's 9am if you just shut up, sit still and sniff when the nurse tells you to."

She got grape.

Parenting skillz - I haz 'em.

Also ... every time she reads any flu literature, Liza calls it a "vacation" instead of a vaccination or a vaccine. Understandable mistake, but it's pretty funny when you're following the "vacation" route signs to get to the clinic.


Noël said...

How old is Liza now? Your blogs are funny. :-) Are you still making the handprint Christmas ornaments? I wasn't sure how to find it on etsy. I'd like to get one with Bridget's handprint. Noel

Leslie said...


The only version we have available here is the needle... One kid got done (high priority) last week, other kid can get her vaccination tonight, and adults probably not for another couple of weeks!!