Sunday, November 08, 2009

gasp pant

"Mom, when we get back to our house, will you please take the training wheels off my bike so I can learn to ride a two-wheeler?"

Since I lack the necessary skills to simultaneously run beside the kid and take video, I wasn't able to record her first attempts on the bike. Instead, you get to see Jason's first attempt at helping her ride.

I believe tomorrow I'll be going to Target to get the handle for the back axle of the bike, because leaning over and supporting a 40-pound kid who's used to leaning at a 10-degree angle on her bike is no fun at all.


Kimberly said...

I read a great article about teaching kids to ride a bike. Take them someplace grassy (or in your case leafy) with a slight incline. Lower the seat all the way down so their feet easily touch the ground. Then, set them off on their own to learn the balance. After they figure out balance have them try to get moving then put their feet on the pedals. Then, have them start to pedal. Apparently it works. Morgan's bike is a "run bike" with no pedals, and she's amazing on it. We couldn't get her to touch any other two-wheeler with a 10 foot pole. But with her confidence with feet on the ground so she could decide when she wanted to practice her balance while moving, she is willing to try her bike with no trainers soon.

Leslie said...


I rememember doing that with Chuck when she was about five or six (She was late to ride a two wheeler). Running up & down the sidewalk, crouched over, TRYING to keep the kid balanced as she's leaning at a crazy angle!!