Friday, February 19, 2010

Longwood Gardens

Earlier this week Liza and I went with my parents to Longwood Gardens, a place she's been before but never remembers from one visit to another. Score! They've got an orchid festival going on right now, which Liza was in favor of - bring on the pink and purple!

As usual, the Children's Garden was a big hit. We were about the only ones there, so she had plenty of room to run around like a maniac, paint (with water) all over the walls, and generally wreck havoc and have a good time.

Just like last time, I came away vowing that next time we WILL bring a dry change of clothes for her to use after visiting the Children's Garden ... 17 water features that children are encouraged to manhandle means a severely drippy child.

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mlf said...

Great pictures!