Friday, February 19, 2010

Sleeping with the fishes, Jersey-style

Today Liza and I made the trek across the Delaware to see the aquarium in Camden, NJ. We spent some quality time petting the sharks ...

... and the rays ...

... and the starfish ...

... and Liza's favorite, the sea cucumber.

The object of Liza's affection:

And when we were done petting everything and looking at all the exhibits, we went through and did it all again. And when we were done seeing it again, we went through and looked at everything again. And then we fondled all the sea life again. And then I drug her out the door, her heels leaving furrows across the parking lot, so that we wouldn't get totally stuck in the Friday rush hour traffic leaving Philly.

Here's hoping she doesn't think to ask for a pet sea cucumber for her birthday, because something tells me I'd kill it off in a matter of minutes. Then again, the chance to watch it eviscerate itself might be worth the risk. Anybody got a spare 75-gallon saltwater tank laying around somewhere?

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mlf said...

Instead of a pet sea cucumber, how about sea cucumber for dinner!

My local Korean grocery sells live sea cumber. Looking for a recipe for you, I found the description of eating sea cucumber as:
Also known as a "sea rat" or "sea slug", the sea cucumber is prized for its gelatinous texture has been a delicacy in Chinese cuisine since ancient times, often served among other revered dishes such as shark's fin soup.

It isn't kosher so I haven't cooked any gelatinous seafood. Oh, well.