Friday, February 19, 2010

So, what should I talk about, then?

Certain people have been attempting to guilt-trip me into posting on the blog, despite me having nothing entertaining to say. Here are potential blog topics I've rejected in the past two weeks, just so you know what you've been missing:

  1. Look how cool the construction of these socks is going to be!
  2. The socks don't fit and have to be redone - Oh, noes!
  3. Look how cute the redone socks look!
  4. Well, I thought they looked cute at first, but now I'm not so sure. Poll?
  5. Look, I finished the super-secret project I can't post about until after my father gets his birthday present!
  6. Oops.
  7. Steeks - they're really not that scary.
  8. Help me decide between the 483,712 different projects I might make with this rainbow yarn I'm trying to use up.
  9. Boy, doesn't it suck that my dad has a sore on his (redacted) ... oh, wait, I'm not supposed to blog about that.
  10. Boy, doesn't it suck that my dad has to use a (redacted) ... oh, wait, I'm not supposed to blog about that, either.
  11. Hey, how about Microsoft technical support these days - is anyone actually in the US anymore? Take my laptop, please!
  12. Seriously, you expect me to believe your name is "Andy?"
  13. So if it's illegal to text while driving, how much do you think the ticket is for "following technical support advice to install Microsoft Office on my laptop while driving over to pick up my kid at school"?
  14. Boy, the Pennsylvania Turnpike is pretty boring, isn't it?
  15. Poll: Best rest area on the PA Turnpike? I vote for Oakmont Plum.
  16. Fifteen ways my kid acted like a total spaz when introduced to my mother's therapist.
  17. Have I mentioned recently how smart my kid is, despite the wide variety of animal noises she made when talking to my mother's therapist?
  18. First- and second-grade workbooks my daughter has blown through this week.
  19. Inappropriate things to do with a 10-inch-long chocolate cornucopia when your kid isn't looking.
  20. R.I.P. Skipper - After 30 years of devoted service, you didn't deserve to have your head ripped off like that, even if you were trying to marry Barbie when she was already married to the other Barbie with the crown built into her head.

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