Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Carnival of Construction

A few months ago Jason and I ripped the deck off the back of our house, leaving an ugly scar of gravel/sand/weeds/rusty screws just outside the back door.  All summer we've been picking our way across it, trying not to track too much junk into the house or end up contracting tetanus from the debris.

Meanwhile, we were talking to various contractors about pouring a patio and building a screened porch.  As with any decision that costs a lot of money and impacts the resale value of the house, Jason and I had different ideas about what needed to be done and when, which is why we've had the debris field in our back yard since April.  We finally reached an agreement - patio now, screened porch next summer - and work on the patio started today.

Needless to say, with all this construction work going on just outside the back door, not a whole lot is going to get done around here today.

Hope the guys don't mind an audience - Liza hasn't had so much fun since we had the trees trimmed.

Updates on all the excitement will be posted throughout the day, so check back often!

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