Monday, July 26, 2010

Shameless plea for donations

Dudes, I'm running out of time here.  If you haven't already, please pony up a few bucks to support breast cancer research.  And start sending some good weather mojo my way for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Mid-70s and overcast would make all 900 walkers very, very happy.  Surely if we put the power of the Internet behind this, we can control the weather, right?  After all, if eating chocolate that has been meditated over can improve your health, a bunch of moms and nerds ought to be able to effect massive weather shifts with their minds, right?  Or is that just the desperation talking?

Oh, and Cleveland folks - you can come and cheer for me and the other walkers.  Here's the link to the cheering stations that will be open along the route.  Signs, cowbells, and offers of piggyback rides are all great ways to show your support!

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