Thursday, April 14, 2011

Six-word glimpses into my life

Today's post was inspired by Ernest Hemingway:

Today’s excitement: vacuuming, laundry and bills.
Spent too much at Target (again).
Haven’t knit any socks in weeks.
Importing CDs - too boring for words.
Seriously, why so much Led Zeppelin?
Dreading what will cause today's tantrum.
These pictures won't scrapbook themselves, y'know.
Fragrance of hyacinths makes me smile.
Wish that pimple would go away.
Mushroomhead CD last played when? 2003.
Bella: Zach, you're hogging the bed.
Hope the pizza dough rises soon.
Aged cheddar in CSA basket - YUM!
High school mix tapes: painfully embarrassing.
Fighting urges to discard all belongings.
Target shouldn't sell pools in April.
Downloading Katy Perry for Liza's birthday.
At least she's better than Bieber.
Japan's radiation problems make me sad.
Preparing for failure at Lego Olympiad.
Our trash is predominantly cat litter.
Can't transfer - haven't painted bedrooms yet.
Really want my new porch NOW.
Wish the garden dried before June.
Burning sticks is lots of fun.
Permission to end this message now?


Michael said...

Load. No change. Reload again, anyway.

Too tired for witty comments, today.

Why must exercise be so tiring?

For sale: My procrastination. Amply used.

April is too soon for 94F.

Six word stories encompass much frustration.

Michael said...

Good with engineering. Bad at Hemingway.

Never liked Hemingway very much, anyway.