Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why so silent, good messieurs? *

Top Ten Reasons I Haven't Been Posting Much Recently This Year

  1. I'm kind of busy downloading all my CDs into iTunes.
  2. I kept going over the usage limit on my cellular internet card thingy, and Jason gets a nasty tic when I mention we just paid $$$ extra last month so I could post pictures of my life on the internet for strangers to see.
  3. But this weekend I got cable WiFi at the house, and a free Netflix trial for the Wii.  Meercat Manor and Mythbusters 24/7, baby!  And I can watch videos on YouTube without having to kill time by taking a shower while waiting for them to buffer!
  4. Scrapbooking eats up all the time I should spend blogging and knitting and cooking and farting around on the internet cleaning.  But I'm making significant progress through the giant box of pictures from, um, 2010.
  5. Let's not discuss the seven albums of pictures from Japan I'm trying to redo before the nasty acid-filled albums kill them, alright?  Or the pics from Europe in high school.  Or my college pictures.
  6. There is no number six.
  7. My dad's sick, but I'm pretty sure he's not comfortable sharing details with the world, even though I think about it all the time even when I'm doing stuff like interviewing potential investment advisors or looking through the SkyMall catalog on the airplane, FFS.
  8. Sharing details of my husband's private problems = surefire route to divorce, which would prevent me from going back to Jamaica anytime soon.  So, not gonna do that, obviously, because I'd like to go back to Jamaica now, please.  They have rum there.  And nannies.
  9. My daughter is in school and I don't want to put anything on here that would be inappropriate content when her friends and their families find it (and they will find it, school full of geniuses that they are).  Guess that TMI tag is going to start collecting dust ... and it's hard to be amusing when I can't make fun of my daughter's inadequacies or complain about parents of her classmates.  All I have left are topics like "How to clean up cat puke - now, with pictures!"
  10. Ever have one of those days when you have 14 million things you need to get done, and they're all important, and you spend all day futzing around not doing any of them because it's just too hard to decide which ones are the most important to do?  Yeah, I'm having one of those years.  My list of things to accomplish around the house is about a mile long, as is the list of things I need to get into my etsy shop, and the things I want to write for my various blogs, and the things I need to do as a volunteer at school.  And then the bathroom project exploded in my face, and the basement flooded, and I found a couple of really good series of books at the library, and we went on vacation, and I started prepping for Liza's birthday party.  So, in other words, LIFE HAPPENED.  And I want to write about it all NOW ... but I can't, so I just don't write.

* That's a Phantom quote, but of course you already knew that, right?

1 comment:

Michael said...

Let me rebut these points:

1. The time while the CDs load is perfect for writing a post.
2. While strange, I am not a stranger.
3. Posting is more important than meerkats
4. Scrapbook posts are a good thing.
5. Your thoughts on Japan and earthquakes? Or radiation? Or paint deliveries?
6. Here's the line that's missing
7. Vanguard.
8. Depends on the settlement. And on the blackmail potential.
9. You will embarrass her regardless. Posting at least will give her cause to be embarrassed. And give her material for her teenage poetry.
10. Sounds like the black dog of depression has gone for walk.