Monday, January 15, 2007

Scene from this weekend

Picture a family eating at Chick Fil A, toddler happily eating her fruit cup and chicken nuggets, mom with a sandwich and some fries she's hiding from the toddler, dad eating a wrap sandwich. The parents are actually having a conversation, one that isn't peppered with "stop throwing your milk on the floor," or "If you hit mama one more time, you're going in time out in the car, and I won't let you have your kid meal toy."

There's a lull in the conversation, and mom looks up at dad ...

Mom: "You do realize your sandwich was wrapped in paper, and you're eating it, right?"

Dad looks confused, then pulls a strip of paper out of his mouth. He looks at the half of a sandwich in his hand, then at the paper-covered half he hasn't started to eat. Mom starts giggling.

Dad, incredulous: "I couldn't have eaten all that paper and not noticed it. I must have unwrapped it without thinking, and just gotten down to the paper in the last bite."

Mom, snorting uncontrollably: "Sure, whatever you say. Paper is a good source of fiber, anyway."


Kimberly said...

I'm just hoping it wasn't the distraction caused by my appearance that caused him to miss the wrapper. :) Wish I had been just a bit later to see that.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the paper at the same time you said something. I also couldn't chew what was in my mouth. There's no way I ate more than a bite of it! (I think - I was pretty hungry.)


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... they taste about the same