Sunday, February 11, 2007

Back from San Diego

We returned last night from a week in San Diego, where it was sunny and warm and smelled like the ocean ... in other words, pretty much the opposite of Kentucky right now. I won't bother to post all 250 of our photos here, although there will be a link to the Flikr group later on. For now, here are my favorites:

Liza is stylin' in the back of our Sonata
She's wearing those shades to help cover up the shiner she gave herself by falling off a stool in our hotel room less than two hours after we arrived in San Diego. She was looking pretty gruesome by the end of the trip.

Sure, you know it's a grass skirt, and I know it's a grass skirt, but she apparently believes it is headgear.

Why it's not a good idea to take a gravel-obsessed toddler on a desert hike. Yes, Mom, we put sunscreen on her little plumber's butt.

My favorite photo from the trip.

What happens when you take a tired toddler to an aquarium?

This is the mom (in back) and 18-mo-old daughter, just after she stopped nursing. Awww...

If it weren't for the fence, this would be a great shot.

"Note to self: When apes take over the planet, do not annoy this guy."

Why I'm glad to be back in a place where Liza's bedroom door has a lock.


Anonymous said...

Can you REALLY lock the door after Liza has tasted the freedom of sitting on Mom's head?

That's like locking the barn door after the horses have escaped.


Anonymous said...

Not even two years old and so grown up looking in shades? She'll be a smasher when she is grown! K's mom

Anonymous said...

Great photos! I'm glad that you had fun grooving in the sun. I look forward to the posting of the southern California stories.