Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Calling you out - lurkers, unlurk!

According to my site meter, I've actually got a decent audience for this blog, but nobody calls, notbody writes. Well, a couple people write, but there are a couple regular readers who (as far as I know) haven't contributed. They include:

New Auburn, Minnesota
Regina, Canada
Montvale, NJ
Richmond, VA

I SEE you in my little page view reports, and I know you're at least pretending to read because your visits are several minutes long, but you never say anything. That's just not polite :) Step up and introduce yourselves, please! Or at least confirm that you're not some weirdo spam program or a pedophile with a penchant for little girls in pirate sweaters.

And I'll personally eat my words if my mother gets off her tuckus and posts a comment, something that contains something so I know it's her and not an imposter-mom. Heck, K's mom posts more than you do, woman, and I haven't seen her in a couple years!


Anonymous said...

Back in the day of quill pens (or at least typewriters), I understood the concept of "eating your words" should your mother make a posting. Something as tangible as paper could be eaten.

How will you eat your words in the age of electronic postings?


Anonymous said...

Hey, I love reading your blog. Very entertaining! And I enjoy following Liza development - hope to meet her in person at some point. K's mom

Anonymous said...

hi Gretchen ~ i've been reading your blog for quite some time now and i love, love, LOVE the way you write! a day without anything new here becomes a bit gray for me. but there's always hope for the morrow! Liza is such a cutie (i loved the pink&purple pirate sweater) and it's fun to watch her experience the world. a gravel connoisseur, how cool is that?
~ Roxanna

Anonymous said...

OK, you caught me out (even if I didn't make your geography whatsit) I read your stuff almost every day-- hey, you don't even write EVERY day.
Sometimes I let you know I'm here, so I'm not a complete lurker, I guess.

News: fundraiser begins on March 5, a Monday. You're invited. big changes.
Mary Ellyn

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I'm finally learning how to post a response. Since we talk frequently, you tend to receive my responses one-on-one. I do enjoy the blog - it's a great way to follow Liza's day to day progress. Hope she's finally over the yechk of last week.

G's Mom

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new job and move! Will you be any closer to Delaware and your folks? I can understand your excitement over moving to a city with public transportation; that is what I miss most about Philly. A city with lots of fabric stores? Nirvana!

I'm glad the flu is over for Liza and you. Nobody can gak like a toddler!

Gretchen said...

Hallelujah! I've unearthed a couple newbies.

Go to bed, Mary Ellyn - I know you don't have to be in at the crack of dawn, but jeez, you need to rest up for the fund drive! Oh, and Liza's repeating just about everything I say now, so I may try to piece together a recording of her saying "Send your pledge now!" for you. How cool would that be?