Friday, February 16, 2007

Remember this next time the puking starts ....

By the time Liza was done with her pukefest yesterday, I finally had it figured out. Just before she'd get sick, she'd get agitated and start trying to crawl up the front of me, and she'd start drooling and swallowing a lot. I even managed to keep the last, um, emission from hitting anything other than the inside of an old plastic cookie dough container. Bulls-eye!

Liza wasn't thrilled by the whole "puking in a bucket" thing, though, and she kept trying to push it away from her face. She was pleased by the result, though, and when she was done she kept looking down at the front of her pajamas, obviously thinking, "Wait, aren't I supposed to be wet and smelly right now? What's up with this?"

I think next time I'll put a sticker on the bottom of the bucket and tell her to look at it when she's getting sick. Hey, it worked at the photographers to get her to look at the fake flowers she was holding - maybe it will work here, too. If nothing else, it will be amusing to see Elmo all covered in half-digested Pedialyte. When you're cleaning up that much puke, you've got to get your jollies wherever you can :)


Anonymous said...

The sticker is a great idea!

Jim said...

I love it.

My son had a minor barf this weekend and I was struck by how he got on all fours and let out this bizarre moan beforehand. I picked him up, as I was distressed , and asked him if was alright (he doesn't talk too much at 18 months, though).

Then I noticed all the drool and the awkward swallowing.

Followed by (in my case, a little) puke.

Just like you described.

Great idea on the bucket and the sticker.

I just prepared for impact and hoped for the best.