Saturday, February 17, 2007

Liza's score so far today (as of 12:30 pm)

2 pairs of Mama's jeans
2 of Mama's shirts
2 pairs of Mama's socks
2 pairs of Liza's PJs
1 of Liza's outfits
1 pair of Liza's slippers
a 2' square section of hardwood floor near my desk
the couch in the doctor's waiting room
the rug by the front door (the only one she missed on Thursday)
Daddy's hands and arms

Not bad for only 3 pukes. Looks like yesterday's puke respite was just that - a respite, not a recovery. Doctor says there's nothing we can do besides mop up behind her and keep handing her sugary beverages. Liza's got the term "special juice" down cold ... let's hope the 12-pack of ginger ale is enough to last through the weekend. And the half-bottle of floor cleaner, and the two rolls of paper towels.

And let's hope that Jason's suspected sinus infection gets better, rather than worse, since his doctor doesn't have weekend hours. Maybe the bleeding is just a temporary thing ...


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