Sunday, September 21, 2008

Much more fun than picking apples

On this episode of, "Who Wants To Be A Migrant Worker?": Raspberries!
Usually Daddy is at work when we do these sorts of enriching activities. He was thrilled to come sweat with us today. Really. He barely complained at all.

So proud of herself!
Look at the form! The concentration! The quart of berries she's picked by herself!**
Some berries couldn't agree on whether it was time to be ripe yet.

Our haul ... so, anyone have any good raspberry recipes they'd like to share?

**She picked pretty much continuously the entire time we were out in the fields, and most of the ones she picked were ripe and actually made it into the basket instead of her mouth. She'd probably still be out there picking if we hadn't filled out baskets and told her it was time to go get a quesadilla. The girl is a berry-picking machine.

Photos taken at Rosby Berry Farm in Brooklyn Heights, OH. If there's a less likely place to find a raspberry orchard than Brooklyn Heights, I don't know where it would be ... but the place is great.


Katherine said...

i've made it with raspberries (or a mix of blueberries/raspberries/blackberries). yum.

Anonymous said...

Make some raspberry jam! 5 cups crushed berries, 4 cups sugar, 1 box sure-gel (pink box for less sugar). Jam is to die for with its intense raspberry flavor! K's mom

mlf said...

My kids also love berry picking. Every year we drive two hours to the nearest blueberry patch. Blueberries ripen in late June in east Texas, where the humidity and temperatures are oppresive by 11am. (Oppresive even by the local standards where today's 89F counts as a cool fall day.)

I guess we'd have to drive a bit farther to find the find features of the fabulous raspberries.