Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Blargh. Stomach flu - so much cheaper and more effective than a juice cleanse!

I'm not dead yet, but I kinda wish I was. I'm going to be annoyingly positive so I don't bring everyone else down:
Things I'm looking forward to today:
- shower - DONE
- fresh clothes -DONE
- brush teeth - DONE
- sleeping for more than 10 minutes straight, and not having to worry about waking up soiled -DONE
- getting rid of the sleep deprivation and dehydration symptoms - this headache can go fuck itself - DONE
- my next sip of water, because omg water is the best thing ever and I want more more more but can only drink a few drops every few minutes -DONE
- moaning in an empty house so I don't disturb anyone else with my torment
- cleaning out the stinky puke bucket
- maybe by lunchtime : applesauce!

ETA: dang, I've got most of my list done and it's not even 10am. Time for some celebratory applesauce!

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