Friday, October 17, 2008

Day Five: Denver area

Okay, I have no photos from this day, so I have very little idea what we actually did. I remember killing time in a parking lot while Liza slept and Jason went to the bookstore, and I remember eating lunch at Gunther Toody's (which is not as nostalgic as it claims to be, but the waitress was willing to listen to Liza babble on and on and on and on, so we left a good tip). And I remember we went to a suburban recreation center so we could go swimming. The rec center pool was nice - a zero-depth entry kids' pool that topped out at about 2' deep, so Liza could sort of scoot around on her arms and practice kicking without us having to support her ... and a slide that went to the kids' pool, and a waterslide into the adult pool, and a rope swing that dumped you into a deep pool with windows in the side so the people in the adult pool could see you land underwater. We were there for about 3 hours, and eventually we had to basically drag Liza out kicking and screaming while promising that we might think about going back there the next day.

We thought about it, and decided no, still had other stuff to do. Sorry, kid.

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