Saturday, October 25, 2008

Special Event Overload

First, there was the birthday party, which Liza absolutely loved but which left her wired for about, oh, three days.

Next came Boo at the Zoo, where Liza's favorite activity was watching the ladies dressed up like ghosts playing cellos.

Then there was observation day at her dance class.

And today we're going to the circus.

Somebody hand me a Tylenol and a caffeinated beverage, please - this parenting stuff is hard work.


mlf said...

I like the contrast between the pair of photos of characters dressed in black-and-white. Of the pair of photos, I think that Liza's photo is cuter. But that's just my opinion.

Gretchen said...

See, now I hadn't even noticed that. I DID notice the line where Liza's panties were all rolled down and stuck inside her tights, and tried to delete it from the photo, but that ended up looking worse. Oh, well - I guess she can have Pantylines for Posterity.

Anonymous said...

She'll get used to it