Saturday, October 04, 2008

holy cow, I'm consistent

I'm in the process of downloading the photos from our vacation to Colorado this past week (You didn't really think I was just hibernating, did you?), and I noticed that I took 271 shots. Well, I kept 271 shots and videos, since I filled my card on Thursday and had to delete a few duplicates so I'd have room for Friday's activitites.

Pretty much every vacation I can remember, I've returned with the equivalent of 10 rolls of exposed film. This time? Ten rolls (because a 24-exposure roll actually has about 27 shots on it).

I'm good.

More on the vacation once I've had a chance to write and edit. Until then, here's my perspective on Seven Falls in Colorado Springs:

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mlf said...

We have started taking 5x more pictures now that we have digital. We find that we take multiple pictures of the same scene until 1) we get the picture that we want, 2) the child's smile starts sliding into a grimace, or 3) the child decides that they are done and leaves.

Pre-digital, we took a roll per day. Now we are 100MB per day.