Sunday, December 07, 2008

Festive bits

I braved the cold on Friday to install our brand spankin' new LED Christmas lights around the gutters on the front of the house. I think they look quite festive, don't you?
" One inch of snow accumulation," my ass. The new lights are little white globes (see the one poking up below?), and I guess they're right about how much cooler they are than regular lights, which would have melted holes in the 2.5" of snow on the roof.
Today we dug out the interior holiday decorations and spent many grueling hours making our home suitably festive. Of course, it went faster because we had help from a fairy ...

I wish I could have caught the "I have Christmas stockings on my legs" frolicking before she decided she was done. It was classic.


Completely unrelated ... but ... I really admire how bad the Dolce and Gabbana magazine advertisements are. This month's GQ (which I read for the articles ... ahem) has an ad for their "cruise" line this season which features a huge group of people in pink and black. The concept of the ad is odd enough, but the guy who is third from the left has the largest eyebrows I have seen since my religion professor in college, and his required their own zip code. I mean seriously, this guy did NOT get any dates in high school - check him out:

This is also the company that regularly (like, every month for the last year) buys space for an ad that features a reclining David Gandy in a white swimsuit where the only thing your eye is drawn to is his enormous crotch. See:

I'd post it here, but Jason would kill me - he hates the ad, and occasionally I taunt him by taking a photo of it and sending it to him at work. I'm charming like that.

And no, I didn't know the name of the model before I just spent 15 minutes trying to find the stupid photo online. Just be glad I didn't link you to one of the 8 billion David Gandy gay fan sites I found once I was on the right track.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, my eye is drawn to David Gandy's head and what appears to be a horribly uncomfortable neck angle.