Monday, December 01, 2008

Wii are having fun

Yeah, so my Sainted Mother-In-Law went overboard for our (early celebration of) Christmas and Jason's birthday and got us a Wii. We opened presents at about 9:30 Friday night, and Jason had that sucker set up on the in-laws' tv about 10 minutes later. Yeah, we're a little excited about it.

We spent yesterday recovering from the trip home, washing clothes and moving every single piece of furniture in our family room so there would be enough room to swing a Wii controller without knocking over anything or braining anyone. Our family room is 11 feet wide and 26 feet long, so making it look less like a bowling alley and more like an actual room was kind of on the agenda, too. How did we do?

You can't see the closest part of the room, where I've cleverly hidden the exercise bike and all of Liza's toys where you can't see them from upstairs. I'm a genius, I tell you.

The irony of all this rearranging is that we're trying to make the room look less like a bowling alley ... while setting it up for a game that turns our living room into a virtual bowling alley. Hmmm.

While you ponder that, check out the form on the kiddo, who hasn't gotten a strike yet but usually manages to remember which buttons to push to roll the ball, and who recently discovered the wonders of actually moving her Mii to correct her horrible left hook.

Where else can you play a game of bowling in bare feet and a satin costume dress?

Wait until I catch Jason unawares while he's playing Rock Band ... I'm clearing out space on my memory card for THAT video, let me tell you.


mlf (the luddite) said...

Does she jump for joy with the Wii bowling like she does with real bowling?

Gretchen said...

mlf - yes. I have video to prove it.