Thursday, December 04, 2008

Please tell me ...

... that I did not just waste 30 minutes of my life watching a show about things getting blown up, washed away, plowed into, and otherwise Destroyed in Seconds. It was like watching a train wreck - you couldn't look away. Actually, it was watching a train wreck, and a couple explosions, some buildings fall over, a couple houses being swept away, two boats crashing, and a couple plane crashes. And, oh yeah, the factory where they make the fuel for the space shuttle exploded. Twice.

Damn you, Discovery Channel, and your insidiously addictive programming.

And the socks I was working on while I was watching are too large and will have to be unraveled back to the beginning ... grrr


Anonymous said...

Even better would be for you to demonstrate your chemistry skills to Liza by making your own batch of thermite.

Anonymous said...

Or you could have just watched a history of the DuPonts in Wilmington.