Friday, December 19, 2008

Two weeks without school or dance class?

She was home from her last dance class for less than two hours before she decided that all of her toys were boring and the most fun thing in the world was to tie one of her stuffed animals to one of my stuffed animals (a giant ostrich - don't ask), stack some Playmobil people on the back of the ostrich and drag them in circles around our house so they could "surf on the lake." Now she is running around wearing nothing but a see-through housecoat (don't ask) and a pair of mittens, randomly yelling "IT'S SNOW WORLD, EVERYBODY!!!!!!"

I knew that letting her eat that candycane was a mistake.

Gonna be a long, long two weeks around here. So, playdate anyone?

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MLF (of DFW) said...

Bring her over. We'll put the hot chocolate on.